From Susan Barton


"I consider your program to be such a gift to the dyslexic children in your area.

Thank you for caring so much for the children and their families that you would be willing to put forth the time and effort to create and grow such an incredible dyslexia center.

I am sure that you have touched and changed the lives of more children than you even realize. I am so proud to be associated with Road to Learning."

Susan Barton

Founder of Bright Solutions for Dyslexia and Barton Reading and Spelling System

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From Dr. Bobb Darnell


"When your child needs help, you want the best help available. Road to Learning provides the best research-supported system and teaching practices for addressing dyslexia in the area. Parents and students will surely notice continuous improvement in reading and spelling skills acquired each week. Compassionate and professional tutors have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to increase your child's achievement, confidence, and motivation to learn."

Dr. Bobb Darnell

Director of Staff Support and Reading Specialist, Local Area Public School

President of Achievement Strategies, Inc.

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From Parents


"I am not sure that my words will be able to accurately and effectively describe my emotions and feelings in my son's journey towards learning to read. With everyone's efforts we have seen amazing improvement in my son's reading skills. He is on what I describe as a journey because Dyslexia is a life long journey. I must also not forget to mention the tremendous effort which he has continued to put into the process of learning to read. The word "effort" is a very important word to me - I feel it describes the character of a person."

"Upon reviewing and thinking of possibilities to allow my son to be at two places at the same time, a special and unique solution was found. A person who cares a great deal for my son and helping many children with special needs came up with an idea. His tutor suggested and offered to start teaching him at 7:30AM so that he could arrive at school at the normal start time. Now for the people that do not know her, she is not a morning person, but she has shown all of us what it means to be unselfish, caring, and giving. I truly do not think that my words or any amount of words can sufficiently describe my appreciation for her suggestion and offer. Besides being an amazing individual, I believe his tutor is showing us all her heart to be a teacher."

 "I wish the schools would teach using this method!  It would greatly benefit all of the students. It is such an easy and clear method to understanding our language. This is an asset in all of the subjects that are taught!"

From Graduates